Steve Barton

Each of Steve Barton’s paintings capture more then just the viewer’s gaze. They are times remembered and days to come; they stop time and soften your heart; they draw you in and say, “Come, sit, relax…” The sunny climate of Southern California where Steve Barton now lives with his wife and son suits his taste and personality perfectly. The coastal setting surrounding his home reflects his bright and lively perspective and encourages his focus on color and beauty. Steve and his family love to spend time searching out new tropical settings and flowers with bright vivid colors. They scour the beachfront for villas, cabins, and archways that capture the heart and feel of life on the beach. Steve Barton’s art was able to capture the attention of Disney, opening up a whole new world for his paintings to explore and create with characters from the magical kingdom.

  • From: New Hampshire, USA
  • Style: Wavy Canvas, Wavy Frame
  • Media: Oil on Canvas, Embellished Giclee on Canvas, Surf boards
  • Subject: Disney Characters, Beach Scenes, Tropical Landscapes, Lake Tahoe